Formatting Your Images

All artwork is recommended to be submitted as a vector file. These file types include .ai .eps and appropriately formatted .pdf files. If these file types are unavailable and you still wish to provide your artwork files, we cannot guarantee the quality of the finished product. If you still wish to provide a bitmap of your artwork, try to ensure as high of a DPI (or resolution) as possible for best results (.png not .jpg). Your artwork may be delivered in person via a flash drive or by email to

If you do not have artwork in a vector format and would like to, or if you need to have a logo constructed from scratch, we can assist. If the artwork you had in mind is just simple text (one colour from a short list of fonts), we are happy to complete your artwork at no cost. Artwork of greater complexity will incur a preparation fee. This fee is based on our regular shop rate of $105.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $45.00.

If you have any other questions about formatting or where to submit artwork feel free to contact us.